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There are moments in life when espresso cup is not enough… In those cases, we suggest something with percentages. Espresso Martini – vodka, coffee liqueur, some sugar and strong espresso. Martini, as served in an open shaped glass on a stand, without ice, and with class.

Espresso Martini is considered by bartenders as a Modern Classis, this means it’s worldwide known and based on widely available ingredients and a standardized recipe. Dick Bradsell, London-based cocktail guru, a mixologist, invented it in 1983.

Espresso Martini

The Anecdote.

Ordering Espresso Martini in an intimate bar we will often hear the story over the counter…a story about a worldwide known model entering Freds Club in 1983. She asked Dick Bradsell to make her something the will wake me up and fuck me up”. Dick without a second of hesitation made a fresh espresso, grabbed coffee liqueur, simple syrup and bottle of vodka. Hard shake. Strained into a chilled martini glass. Garnished with coffee beans. And here it was, the first Espresso Martini.

The cocktail in his immature years went through naming issues. Vodka Espresso, Pharmaceutical Stimulant … and some even tried to name it Coffeetini!

Coffee … does it really matter in Espresso Martini?

As we love coffee in Klar we need to say naturally YES. A place that serves Espresso Martini needs to have a proper pressure coffee machine if possible Italian made – let’s  be classic about it.

What kind of coffee? In a form of espresso, sometimes maybe a second longer made than normally. In the taste of the cocktail, we will feel the freshness of the beans and if the coffee was not burnt. Most of the aromas will be covered by coffee liquor, sugar and bitterness of vodka.

Espresso Martini recipe

What about the coffee liquor? Only Kahlua.

Biggest role in promoting the cocktail made Kahlua company. They invested a ton of money into marketing they brand, teaching bartenders how to make Espresso Martini etc. Or maybe Espresso Martini made Kahlua known? J Personally, I think that classic Espresso Martini works only with Kahlua, other coffee rum will not blend perfectly. Kahlua is made in Veracruz, Mexico, from local Arabica coffee and rum based on their sugar cane.  The production process takes 7 years where most of the time is dedicated to coffee… in just stands out with quality and unique taste.

Espresso Martini recipe

  • 50 ml vodka, if possible potato based
  • 25 ml Kahlua
  • 1 cup of espresso
  • 25 ml simple syrup (1:1 water with sugar)
  1. Chill your martini glass with ice.
  2. Make a fresh espresso.
  3. Put all ingredients in a shaker.
  4. Hard shake.
  5. Strain into Martini glass.
  6. Garnish with coffee beans.

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