Definitely the best cocktail bar in Warsaw Old Town. Come, try and drink.

Thousand hours spent on infusing vodka and seasonal, home-made approach makes a difference.

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What We Do


We study each day blending of ingredients to explore endless possibilities of serving classic cocktails.


Whatever we do in our bar: cocktails, coffee, juice or food, we make sure that everything is fresh, natural and seasonal.

Continuous improvement based on feedback

Each feedback that we receive is extremely serious for us and we are making sure that next visit will be bring you greater experience.

We introduce you to the cocktail drinking culture.This is what we do in a nutshell !

A unique bar, serving cocktails on infused vodkas, superior Polish alcohol and moonshine. Each day team of bartenders explore available seasonal products to bring the most natural experience of drinking a cocktail. We believe that limitations coming from working only with natural products brings more creativity than taking the easy way.The minimalistic interior design relates to the name of the bar, signifying clarity and purity of the ingredients.

I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me. ~Sir Winston Churchill

Some of our cocktailsWe prefer to make each time something new, out of the menu.

Our mission

I started Klar to show that Warsaw Old Town it's not reserved for tourists traps and it's time to introduce this part of the city to the best possible craft made cocktails. Everything made in-house, no compromises when making cocktails. We find our internal harmony in serving clients.

Michał Frącek - founder -

After exceptionally hard week at work, I went with Michał to drink in the city. It ended up that we visited about ten bars in Warsaw and although many places were worth visiting, there were no place given us what we were looking for. That is why we started Klar, we gathered all our expectations from the cocktail bar and so it began ...

Ernest Teledziński - Founder -

Cocktail Workshopslearn basics or spice-up your bachelor or hen evening

Group workshops

Cocktail making workshops: 1) Basic workshop (90 mins with 10 people) /1 cocktail +extras Vodka sour based on our infusion (shake technique) +2 vodka infusions shots

Reservations / Contactsmall meetings, groups, workshops and more


Krakowskie Przedmieście 41, Warszawa

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Phone: +48 889 699 499